Чаще всего иностранцы в Испании покупают недвижимость на Балеарах

Чаще всего иностранцы в Испании покупают недвижимость на Балеарах

Чаще всего иностранцы в Испании покупают недвижимость на Балеарах, сообщает The Local.

Согласно данным Объединения регистраторов недвижимости Испании, Балеарские острова (27,1%), Канарские острова (26,3%) и регион Валенсия (24,1%) стали самыми востребованными регионами, где большинство иностранцев покупали недвижимость в Испании в третьем квартале 2020 года.

What's the latest on property trends and prices in Spain?
What’s the latest on property trends and prices in Spain?

Средняя цена ипотечного кредита на недвижимость в третьем квартале составила 136 895 евро.

What’s the latest on property trends and prices in Spain?
Cudillero, one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Spain. Photo: Ramón Perucho/Pixabay
If you’re struggling to keep up with the fluctuating and unpredictable nature of Spain’s property market, we’ve gathered the latest data from industry experts to give you the lowdown on price drops and property trends this autumn.
Americans are hunting for property in Spain
Data from Spain’s leading property search engine Idealista reveals that from June to September the highest foreign demand for Spanish properties on the coast came from the United States.
This bucks the usual trend of British and German buyers topping the foreign property tables, although in this case the stats refer to online searches for properties in Spain rather than actual purchases.
As Idealista’s map shows, there is a keen interest by Americans for properties along practically all of Spain’s coastline, with the only exceptions being the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, where German (and to a lesser extent British) house hunters made up most of the foreign demand.
US house hunters also represented the largest portion of foreign nationals looking for properties in Italy and Portugal during the summer period.
Could it have been that many feared that Donald Trump would be re-elected and preferred instead to move to Europe? Q4 should hopefully shed some light on that.
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Spain’s popular spots haven’t lost their allure among foreigners
According to figures from Spain’s College of Property Registrars, the Balearic Islands (27.1 percent), the Canary Islands (26.3 percent) and the Valencia region (24.1 percent) were the regions where most foreigners bought properties in Spain during this year’s third quarter.
The average mortgage price for properties during the third quarter was €136,895.
Where are property prices falling the most in Spain?
According to real estate valuation group Tinsa, Spain’s Mediterranean coast has seen the biggest property price drops in the past year, down by 6.7 percent on average since November 2019 after months of fluctuations.
Capitals and big cities across Spain have experienced the second largest price fall – down by 2.6 percent – whereas prices in the Canary and Balearic Islands are at virtually the same levels as they were a year ago.
Spain’s luxury homes remain unscathed
Despite a GDP drop in 2020 of roughly 12 percent according to the IMF and Morgan Stanley, Spain’s property market is yet to reflect the price drops many forecast and hoped for.
Spain’s ‘standard’ real estate market is expected to see falls of around 10 percent in the sale price of second-hand homes and up to 30 percent in the more disadvantaged areas.
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