Twitter позволил испанским ведьмам призывать к сожжению священников

Spanish Left: ‘Burn The Priest’

Twitter позволил испанским ведьмам призывать к сожжению священников

В социальных сетях Испании активно форсится, то есть набирает популярность при попустительстве администрации, популярный хэштег FuegoAlClero, призывающий к сожжению католических священников, 26 ноября пишет негодующий ресурс американских консерваторов The American Conservative.

Как минимум на момент написания материала сообщения с хэштегом # FuegoAlClero все еще не были удалены из твиттера, хотя они явно нарушают правила публикаций, являясь прямым призывом к насилию.

Сперва к сжиганию испанского духовенства, начали призывать несколько левацких организаций, выступивших в защиту законопроекта о реформе системы образования Испании, который бы ограничил поддержку тысяч католических школ, что могло бы привести к их закрытию.

Эта еще более-менее дискуссионная тема сопровождалась призывами сжечь церкви, потому что «единственная церковь, которая просвещает, — это та, которая горит», было написано «дочерьми ведьм, которых жечь нельзя».

Для испанцев это крайне оскорбительный хэштег, пишет The American Conservative, поскольку в 1930-е годы католических священнослужителей, монахов и монахинь буквально сжигали заживо.

Despite restrictions on hate speech on social media in Spain, a trending hashtag calling for Catholic priests to be burned alive was not removed for violating rules against posting calls for violence.
The invitation to #FuegoAlClero, or set fire to the clergy, was first issued by several pro-Marxist accounts, originally in defense of a bill to reform Spain’s education system that would put the state in control of religious instruction in public schools and limit support for thousands of Catholic schools, which could lead to their closure.
However, the trending topic was accompanied by calls to burn down churches because “the only church that illuminates is the one that is in flames,” signed by “the daughters of the witches you couldn’t burn.”
By Tuesday evening, Twitter had done nothing about the tweets, despite thousands of users complaining the hashtag was inciting hatred and a direct violation of the company’s rules against “violence, harassment and other similar types of behavior.”
This is all happening in context of the left-wing coalition government’s proposal to reform the Spanish education system to punish the Catholic Church:
The “Celaa Law” – the bill to reform Spain’s education system named for the Spanish minister of education, Isabel Celaa – passed its first hurdle last week, and is expected to become a law despite the lack of support from education institutions.
In addition to its effect on religious education, the proposed law also calls for the closure of specialist schools that serve children with physical or mental disabilities in order to “mainstream” them at the schools that serve the general population, despite strong opposition from experts and the parents of special needs children.
The bishops are not the only ones to oppose the Celaa Law: Employers, unions and parents came together to form “Mas Plurales,” a platform that calls for real plurality in the Spanish educational system.
Hundreds of thousand rallied last Sunday against the proposed law, yet the Socialist government argues that those who defend mostly Catholic private education – that serves two million children and that has thousands of institutions – are actually defending a state-financed educational system marked by “segregating elitism and privilege.”
This is an extremely offensive Twitter hashtag to Spaniards, given that in the 1930s Marxists actually did literally burn Catholic clerics, monks and nuns.
The change in the law in Spain, from guaranteeing public or concerted education to now just guaranteeing public education, is purely motivated by the Socialist government’s desire to control the ideology that is inculcated in schools. Parochial schools in Spain that receive government support—the so called “concerted” schools—produced better results and at lower cost than their state school counterparts. So economically, this law is asinine and will leave perhaps millions of Spanish kids worse off.
But no matter to the Socialists. Their goal, like those of their Communist brothers in coalition, is to create a “new man”, liberated from religion.
As of this writing, Spanish Twitter is still permitting posts under the #FuegoAlClero hashtag. For example, this Marx quote, “Religion is the opium of the people.”
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