В Испании выяснили, где хранил комиссионные король Хуан Карлос Первый

Former King of Spain Juan Carlos funded private jets from foundation linked to Swiss investigation

Хуан Карлос и Коринна / Juan Carlos (left), who abdicated in 2014, is facing legal action by his former lover Corinna Zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, right

Сделки на миллионы долларов в течение многих лет совершала компания Zagatka Foundation, покупая и продавая акции крупных испанских и международных компаний, используя средства короля Хуана Карлоса Первого.

Почетный король в течение многих лет был акционером крупных компаний Испании из Ibex 35 (биржевой индекс из 35 наиболее ликвидных акций испанского фондового рынка — прим. ИА Красная Весна). Акции этих компаний он покупал через компанию Zagatka Foundation, указывает La Sexta.

Предполагается, что средства для покупки акций имеют непрозрачное происхождение и получены королем в виде комиссионных за оказанные им услуги.

Именно средства этого фонда Хуан Карлос I использовал для оплаты своих полетов и других частных расходов. Выяснилось, что он был владельцем акций крупных испанских банков и компаний, таких как BBVA, Santander, Iberdrola, Repsol, Endesa и других.

СМИ Испании отметили, что по счетам компании Zagatka Foundation в швейцарских банках Credit Suisse и Lombard Odier проходили многомиллионные сделки с 2003 по 2018 год.

Деньги поступали на эти счета предположительно из непрозрачных комиссионных, полученных королем, и сразу же инвестировались в фондовый рынок и финансовые инструменты.

Former Spanish king Juan Carlos was flown around the world on private jets using a fund that is being investigated by Swiss authorities.
Juan Carlos, who abdicated under a cloud of bad publicity in 2014, jetted to the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi and the Dominican Republic using money earned by his cousin for the disastrous sale of a Spanish bank to Barclays.
Details of the flights raise further questions about the origins of the king’s extraordinary wealth and the role of his cousin in a series of high profile business deals struck when the king was on the throne.
The former King has always denied allegations that he accumulated a secret fortune hidden in several Swiss bank accounts under the name of his cousin.
But the documents seen by the Telegraph purport to prove for the first time a financial connection between Juan Carlos and funds held by his cousin, Álvaro d’Orleans-Borbón.
The parliamentary spokesman of Podemos, one of two parties in Spain’s Left-wing coalition government, on Thursday called for a congressional investigation “to get to the bottom” of Juan Carlos’s financial operations.
Pablo Echenique told online newspaper El Confidencial that his party wishes to “investigate in depth whether a crime has been committed by the emeritus king and let the whole truth be known, because it would be a case of corruption that affects the highest office of the state”.
The details can be revealed by the Telegraph ahead of a high court showdown with the king’s former lover in London.
According to the documents seen by The Telegraph, Juan Carlos spent five million Euros on private jet flights over three-year period between 2016 and 2019.
The bill for all the flights was paid by Fondation Zagatka, a Liechtenstein-based fund whose sole beneficiary is the former king’s cousin, Álvaro d’Orleans-Borbón.
Mr d’Orleans-Borbón, a 73-year-old resident of Monaco who is a distant cousin of Juan Carlos, admitted to the Spanish newspaper El País on Monday that he had paid for “many flights” used by the former Spanish king.
Mr d’Orleans-Borbón said he had paid for the flights “because I thought of it as part of a family tradition”.
He insisted that all the money in the Zagatka account was his own.
The foundation’s Swiss account is part of an ongoing probe by a Swiss court into the financial activities of the ex-monarch’s associates, including allegations the king was involved in kickbacks for state rail contracts in Saudi Arabia.
Among those being spoken to by a Geneva prosecutor are Mr d’Orleans-Borbón’s lawyer, Dante Canonica, and his financial advisor Arturo Fasana.
The latter opened an account for Fondation Zagatka at Credit Suisse in 2009. A compliance document from the bank seen by The Telegraph stated that the origin of the funds in the account was a commission received for the 2003 sale of Spanish bank Zaragozano to Barclays.
In 2015, a new account for the Fondation Zagatka was opened at the Swiss bank Lombard Odier with funds from the Credit Suisse account of the same name.
It is from this account that the payments were made for private jet flights.
According to the information seen by The Telegraph, the flights all left from Torrejón military airbase outside Madrid.
They took the former king to 10 identified locations, including repeat trips to Abu Dhabi coinciding with the Formula 1 Grand Prix, and to the Dominican Republic, where the former king regularly stays with sugar and property billionaire José Fanjul.
Other glamourous flight destinations included Bermuda and Nassau, in the Bahamas, but little is known about who the former king travelled with on most of these jaunts.
All the flights were operated by the UK aviation company Air Partner, which was paid as much as €980,000 for a return trip from Madrid to Vancouver in September 2017 to allow Juan Carlos to compete in a yachting event.
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